Teach Us to Number Our Days

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Numbering the Days of : Creation, the Hebrew Calendar, Biblical Chronology & Prophecy

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. Ps 90:12

Numbering the Days of Creation


The six days of creation in Genesis Chapter 1 are literal 24 hour days. But what was

made on each of these days is important if we are to understand the Biblical model of the


Numbering the Days of the Hebrew Calendar



The Ancient Hebrew Calendar was divided into Lunar Months based on the phase of the

Moon. A New Moon and beginning of a new month began with the first crescent of light.


But the Hebrew new year's day and the first month of the year, Nisan, were further

controlled by the embedded nature of a plant known in science as Hordeum Spontaneum

and its domesticated version Hordeum Vulgare.


Numbering the Days of Biblical Chronology


From Creation to Christ the Creator, the Bible records a very exact history. Counting

these days is not an easy task but it has been done using a literal interpretation.The 

results of this point to a very recent beginning for the Universe as compared to the

Theory of Evolution. But how can this be reconciled with the supposed billions of years

of earth and universe history?   

Numbering the Days of Biblical Prohecy


Solving Daniel's 70 weeks of years has been the subject of interest for almost two  

millennium. A new attempt has returned to a straight forward literal interpretation.

Amazingly, the vast span of 483 years lands precisely (to the very day) on Nisan 10,

30 AD, the very day a carpenter from Nazareth rode a donkey triumphantly into

Jerusalem to the shouts and cheers of the Jewish inhabitants. Once this prophecy is

properly understood it links to other prophecies and ancient historical accounts. 



The Jewish "Feasts of the Lord" are not just memorials of the past but they were also

prophecies of the future. These prophecies are not ordinary prophecies. In each case

they are prophecies of events involving the Collision of Humans with God Himself. The

precise days of these feasts in the various Hebrew lunar months were locked in place

thousands of years ago and documented in Leviticus 23. The new testament is clear that

in the case of 4 of the feasts the prophetic fulfillment occurs on the very day of the

feast. Two of the feasts, Trumpets and Day of Atonment, are yet future.

These and related subjects are the focus of this Web-site as presented by Dr. Peter W. Moore.

Enjoy, ponder, and learn to number our days after the manner of Biblical Instruction.