Teach Us to Number Our Days

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Biblical Chronology : Accurate Sequential Dating of Human History 


Only the Bible can deliver a Chronological History back to the Creation of the Universe !

The value of this information is beyond calculation. It provides a foundational skeletal

structure for not only Hebrew history but for world history. It makes sense of where we

have been and most importantly, where the Human Race is headed. You are a part of

History. You are snared in its gears. Like it or not, your destiny hangs in the Balance.


The work of extracting thousands of historical data bits from the Bible and placing them

in a continious chronological order linked to the Julian calendar is a very difficult Task.


The earliest attempts to construct a continuous detailed Biblical Chronology after Christ's

ascension was Flavius Josephus (AD 37-100) and Sextus Julius Africanus (about AD 170-

250). Following them others have contributed to Biblical Chronology over a period of

almost 2,000 years. The following men have wrestled with the advancement of Bible

Chronology and have had an impact on literally thousands of Bible Scholars:  


Flavius Josephus works "The Jewish War" (about AD 75) and "Antiquities of the

Jews" (about AD 94) contain long narratives of Jewish History which closely align with  

narratives of the old testament. His works have several major problems which limit its

use as a precise Biblical dating standard.

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Sextus Julius Africanus (about AD 170 - 250) produced a work entitled "Chronographiai"

in five books which covered the span of time from Creation to 221 AD which he calculated

to be a span of 5,723 years. This work has several major problems which limit its use

as a precise Biblical dating standard.

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Eusebius Pamphili of Caesarea (about AD 263 - 339) published the most important and

detailed work of the early Bible Chronologists entitled "Chronicon". It traces history 

from Creation to 325 AD. What is impressive about his work is that he carries forth the

Chronology of the Bible in 3 different versions; The Septuagint, the Hebrew, and the

Samaritan. Although Eusebius strongly favors the Septuagint solution, his calculations

oChronology based on the Hebrew Bible aligns rather closely with that of modern

researchers and is worthy of further consideration. His work falls short of the fine detail

and analysis of modern Bible scholars.  

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Archbishop James Ussher's "Annals of the World" was published 1658, two years after

his death. This monumental detailed work set a new standard in Biblical Chronology. In

recent years Ussher's "Annals of the World" has been re-edited from the 1650/1654

Latin copy and the 1658 Old English copy, by Larry Pierce and his wife Marion,

originators of the Online Bible. This was an enormously valuable project of which the  

Christian community should be forever grateful. The quality of this book with its 12,000+

footnotes, 2,000+ bible references, and outstanding system of date references, is nothing

short of brilliant. It's now available at Amazon.   

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Dr. Edwin R. Thiele is best known for his efforts to solve the Chronology "gordian knot "

of the Hebrew Kings. His greatest contribution was the recognition that the key to solving

the enigma was related to the two different ways that a king's reign could be recorded in

the Bible. His greatest failure was his elevating of Assyrian Chronological records above

that of the Bible itself which in turn forced him to declare that some parts of the Holy

 Scriptures are in error.

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Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones, over a period of 20 years, has reviewed all of the great Bible

Chronology works of history and has pain stakingly assembled a grand solution based on 

a literal interpretation of the Bible (Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Textus Receptus) as the

supreme standard without error and having no equal. In this regard, he stands on the

shoulders of giants and considers pertinent astronomical and archeological discoveries

which have post-dated those individual works in order to publish the most advanced Bible

Chronology of our times. His graphical triangulation procedure that anchors the period of

the Hebrew Kings is by far the most powerful analytic problem solver that has ever been

applied to Biblical Chronology to date.

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