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The Identity of the Creator is Revealed in the Bible


Who is the Creator of the Universe? Some will simply say God. But which God? Will the

real God please stand up --- ?  Some will say its NOT "Who" but "It", replacing the

deity with some sort inanimate matter or force. Others will say its "Unknowable" and

others will proclaim they "Don't Care". The real question is, Who do YOU say the Creator

is? Will you ever be held accountable for your conclusion concerning the Identity of the

Creator? I think you will. I also think I will.


The Bible speaks authoritatively concerning the identity and character of God. And when

it comes to the Creation of this world the New Testament is absolutely crystal clear.

If you say I don't believe the Bible is God's Word, but in fact it is God's Word then you

will have made the biggest blunder of your existence. If the Bible is God's Word and you

accept it, then you have the potential to make the biggest discovery of your life, which

is to know Who God Really Is.


The key passage that unlocks the mysterious identity of the Creator is John 1:10

He was in the world, and

  the world was made by him,

   and the world knew him not.

A reading of the first 17 verses of John will reveal that the one that "made" the world

is none other than JESUS CHRIST.


He is the Creator of the entire Universe including YOU. Consider 99% of the World's

religions and consider the primary focus of their allegiance - Mohammed, Buddha, 

Confucius, and others. None of these ever claimed to be Creator God nor do their

followers claim that they are God. Name one major religion that their leader claims to be

God. The only one is Christianity. Jesus not only claimed to be God, He proved it 

by the resurrection from the dead which was confirmed by many living witnesses. If you

reject Jesus, and in fact he really is God come in human flesh, then what have you done?

You have rejected God Himself. Jesus and God are One. You can't reject one without

rejecting the other. Controversial? Yes. Shocking? When you finally discover who GOD 

really is and come face to face with the Creator and you behold the scars in his hands,

his feet, and his side which resulted when he battled for your soul, --- its SHOCKING.