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Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy According to Julius Africanus

Document : Chronografiai, by Julius Africanus, about AD 200-245

Sub-document : Chronicon of Eusebius,

Sub-document : Chronicon Paschale, (7th century Byzantine universal chronicle of the


Sub-document : Works of Byzantine chronicler George Syncellus (about AD 800)

Sub-document : Works of Byzantine historian Cedrenus (11th century)


Quotes from the Chronografiai as preserved by the Sub-documents mentioned above are

translated and made available in a collection entitled, The Works of Julius Africanus,

which are publicly accessed on the Internet.


Prophecy Begins in month Nisan per Nehemiah 2:1 :

Commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem, 20th year of Artaxerxes king of Persia

Africanus dates this event as "the 4th year of the 83rd Olympiad ", this corresponds to

the July – December months of 445 BC and the January – June months of 444 BC. Since

Nisan is in the springtime the year is 444 BC.


Prophecy Terminates in the Passover month of Nisan per Matt 26:2 :

Crucufixion of Jesus, dated by Africanus as "the 2nd year of the 202nd Olympiad" which

corresponds to the July – December months of 30 AD and the January – June months of

31 AD. Since Nisan is in the springtime, the year is 31 AD.


Prophecy Duration

490 Lunar Years with 12 lunar months / Lunar Year, or 354 days/year.

490 x 354 days = 173,460 days

173,460 days / 365.24 solar days/year = 474.9 solar years rounds to 475 solar years.


Crude Verification Mathematics :

444 BC to 31 AD = 444 + 31 - 1(no zero BC) = 474 yrs (non-inclusive) = 475 inclusive yrs


Fine Verification Mathematics :

A lunar month is not exactly 29.5 days but a lunar month is actually

29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, 2.8 seconds or 29.53 days which is

354.36 days / lunar year.


The prophecy span using Africanus’ scenario should be calculated as:

(490 lunar yr x 354.36 d/lunar yr) / 365.24219 d/solar yr  = 475.40 solar years

Prophecy span = 490 lunar years x 354.36 days/lunar yr = 173,636 days

Yet the time span of his two Olympiad dates covers 474 solar years:              

Prophecy span = 474 solar years x 365.24219 days/solar yr = 173,125 days.

This is an error of 511 days or almost 1 1/2 years !  


If one begins in the mid-Nisan month of the passover feast and projects backwards in

accordance with Africanus' corrected duration, one ends up in a Gregorian winter month

of November instead of a Barley ripe spring requirement dictated by Nehemiah 2:1.


Thus, Africanus's attempt looks good with crude mathematics but totally breaks down

when precision math is applied. Using the non-literal Lunar year as a Biblical model for

solving the 70 weeks prophecy is a dead end that yields no fruit.