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Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones - Biblical Chronology



Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones, over a period of 20 years, has reviewed all of the great Bible

Chronology works of history and has painstakingly assembled a grand solution based on 

a literal interpretation of the Bible (Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Textus Receptus) as the

supreme standard without error and having no equal.


In order to synchronize Bible Chronology to the Julian Calendar some dated event must 

be found that is common to both timelines. Dr. Jones has selected the fall of Jerusalem

in 586 BC as the event with the least probability of error. We fully concur. This event

occurs in the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. The 37th year of his reign has been established

as the most reliable absolute date in the sixth century BC. Archeological records were

found (Astronomical Diary VAT 4956, now in the Berlin Museum) which give details on

30 observations of the moon and the five then known planets observed in Babylon in

the 37th year of Nebuchadnezzar which is verified by computer as 568 / 567 BC (spring

to spring).   


The Astronomical Diary is the basis for establishing absolute Julian dates for the reign of

the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Thus, the fall of Jerusalem which occurred in the

19th year of his reign (2 Kings 25:8) is firmly established as 586 BC.


Dr. Jones' graphical triangulation procedure which further anchors the period of the

Hebrew Kings, is by far the most powerful analytic problem solver that has ever been  

applied to Biblical Chronology. Dr. Jones uses this procedure to simultaneously solve all 59

Bible verses that link the divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. This enables him to plot 

a very precise timeline of the Hebrew Kings in the Julian calendar system. To further lock

in the Hebrew Kings time line, Dr. Jones uses 22 additional verses to triangulate between

the last five Hebrew Kings and the Babylonian Kings Nebuchadnezzar and Evil Merodach.

Thus, a total of 81 scriptures graphed simultaneously allow no further movement or 

adjustment. Public display of the grand solution is impressive as it stretches across the

front of the auditorium. 


As a further validation, the details of Adad Guppi's 104 year life as documented on a two

stele grave inscription exactly syncronizes with Jones' grand solution. A recorded lunar

eclipse in the 5th year of Nabopolassar (father of nebuchadnezzar) on 22 April 621 BC

(Julian) also perfectly agrees with Dr. Jones' timeline.


With Bible Chronology as the back bone, accurate World History is anchored in the Bible

and the astronomical heavenly bodies.


Dr. Jones'  approach to calculating the years from Creation to Christ is as follows : 

His work "The Chronology of the Old Testament" is a masterpiece that ranks equal to if  

not greater than Archbishop Ussher's "The Annals of the World".