Teach Us to Number Our Days

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Counting the Days of the Biblical Prophecy

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Daniel's 70 Weeks of Years Prophecy


The Daniel 9:24-27 prophecy is the crowning Jewel of of all Bible Prophecies. It is

divided into three time segments and has intrigued Bible Scholars and Theologians for

more than 2,000 years.  There have been five major attempts to solve the mathematics

of the 70 weeks of years that include the death of the Messiah. They are :

Julius Africanus (AD 200-245), Sir Isaac Newton (1733), Sir Robert Anderson (1882),

the late Dr. Harold Hoehner (1973), and Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones (1993).


Ezekiel's Siege of Jerusalem Prophecy


This Ezekiel 4:1-7 prophecy is divided into two parts. The first part begins at the death

of Solomon and ends 390 years later with the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC. However, the

second part of 40 days/40 years has eluded Bible scholars for several thousand years.

When the literal interpretation of Daniel's 70 week prophecy is solved it is then

possible to see that the second-half of the Ezekiel 4 prophecy is linked to it. This  

prophecy begins with a very important, specific date in the Hebrew Solar-Lunar- 

Agricultural year and ends precisely on the exact same anniversary date 40 years later. 


"Feasts of Lord" : Collisions with GOD Prophecies


The Jewish "Feasts of the Lord" are not just memorials of the past but they were also

Prophecies of the Future. These prophecies are not ordinary prophecies. In each case

they foretell exact days of the Hebrew month concerning events involving the Collision of

Humans with God Himself. The precise days of these feasts in the various Hebrew lunar

months were locked in place thousands of years ago and documented in Leviticus 23. Five

of the feasts are fulfill and two, Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonment, are yet



Genesis Creation Week Prophecy


The six days of Creation followed by the 7th day of rest was not just an historical

account but is also a prophecy of the the entire history span of Planet Earth according to

the patristic early church fathers. Such interpretation of scripture can not be dogmatic

but, like the Jewish Feast Prophecies, God may well have embedded images of the future.


"On the Third Day", A Prophecy of the Far Future.


Once we see that God has embedded images of the future in the "Feasts of the Lord",

we must consider whether other major constructions of eventful days recorded in God's

Word may also contain patterns that will be played out in the future. Christs death,

burial, and resurrection are three days which may very well spell the future of the church

and Christ's return to earth. Again, such interpretation can not be dogmatic but we

should not be caught ignorantly unaware of the possibility.


"As It Was In The Days Of Lot" Prophecy was given by Jesus in Luke 17:28-30.  

This prophecy is one of the most persausive that the return

of the Lord is finally near at hand. Homosexual behavior, as

sinful as it is, has always been present in human society but

never in history, since Jesus made this prophecy, has any

nation enacted Laws that establish marriage between two men

or two women to the same level as a marriage between a man

and a woman, until the year 2001. Out-of-the-closet, in-your-face homosexual boldness

was rampant in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and Jesus is giving us clues that

such evil would again rear its ugly head just before He returns a second time. Numbering

the Days of Lot reveals the the nearness of the return of Jesus.