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Ancient Hebrew New Moon Calendar Software - $299

After inputing a particular year in history (AD or BC), all 12 or 13 Hebrew months are

viewable. The "BARLEY RIPE" month as calculated by the program using a coversion to the

gregorian calendar procedure, is noted on the top header of the Nisan month. The output

for each month looks similar to the following : 


Each day of the Hebrew month starts just as the sun sets. Each Hebrew day is further

divided into four parts (two nightime and two day time) with the Julian calendar dates

displayed. Note, after midnight the Julian calendar date advances to the next Julian date.


Although the progrm was developed as a powerful tool to research the ancient Hebrew

Calendar dates, it is interesting to note that the program has accurately predicted for

nine straight years the exact sighting of the Nisan 1 (Hebrew new year's day) crescent

new moon. The Nisan 1 new moon sighting has been reported and posted on the Internet

by on-the-ground observers in the Jerusalem area starting in 2001.


The Ancient Hebrew Calendar computer software is a Microsoft® Excel Spread Sheet

Program. You must have your own Excel (version 2002 or later) previously loaded on

your computer.


Access to sightings of the Hebrew new moons in and about Jerusalem, Israel 

can be found at : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/karaite_korner_news/